Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wobbufet Warrior Episode 6

Wobbufet Warrior somehow managed to get to the priseemy world.In the priseemy world there were cube shape things flying around.It was a huge maze.He finely made it to Usgaligis and Urertumeeinomis.Suddenly the power coin of strength came out Wobbufet Warriors' belt and flashed a brown flash and Usgaligis was now fighting Wobbufet Warrior!Then Usgaligis went out.Urertumeeinomis then just melted!Wobbufet Warrior got out,and when he did,he found Usgaligis and Oiamas fighting!Drace now was fighting them.Then Mumonly started battling.It was just going crazy.Why did it have to be so?I desired to destroy Opinesis.He was heading towards Opinesis.Until 25 oweasises went in front of them.Wobbufet Warrior and his partners jumped over them and destroyed Opinesis.Then Drace said I shall kill you.I swear it. The End

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