Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wobbufet Warrior

Wobbufet Warrior saw the Sorry Shadow a very important character.It is the shadow of the wolf but now he is called the Ghostly Wolf.They both had power coins.The Ghostly wolf had the one of joy.The Sorry Shadow has the one of Hope. The blue monster In Episode 1 went through a mysterious machine. And was turned in to somthing that will be mentioned later.The Ghostly Wolf almost killed Wobbufet Warrior.In the horizon he could see his partners running away from the sorry shadow!Wobbufet pointed his sword at the Sorry Shadow and said,Would you like to die or stop.The Sorry Shadow said,Id rather vanish.And it vanished.And they travled in a cave. He found a power coin.It was the one of strength.They still need the donomanation circle and the other two power coins to make the Sonic Blade.He dicided to have a celabration.But little did he know it would be ruined.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wobbufet Warrior Episode I

Wobbufet Warrier begins that the main character has no weapons at all. Later one day he went out and found a tiny shield in the dirt. He quikly turned around when he heard a voice which said hey,that was mine. Wobbufet Warrier remarked at the man's shield. After a game they sort of traded. Later pretty much the same thing happened but with a sword this time. He got a sword as you can see. Then he met two friends. With those he saw a robotic thing. Later when it was a pain he tried to throw it into the lava it kept come back with nothing on it so he gave it to one of his friends. They were walking to the evil but they saw three round things disapear. But they did not know that the power coins went to the evil. But they went off to the evil castle. The partners went away because they were afraid. Wobbufet Warrier went in and he saw a red,a blue,and a green monster. The blue monster was the first to take on. Wobbufet got a scar on himself and that's how people indentified him he stabbed the beast and it died. Next was the fire one. Wobbufet kept hitting it's armor but one time it hit it's head and killed it. Last was the green one. He kept getting lucky hits but none of them did anything! The thing said no sword can kill me. Then Wobbufet Warrier stabbed the monster in the eye. The thing's helmet fell off of it and it went away. Then a black version of Wobbufet came up! He relilized it was doing the same moves it was doing on the green monster! Once the thing hit Wobbufet it seemed to do nothing but it did something. Then Wobbufet killed it. Suddenly he saw his robotic thing turn evil because Wobbufet got stabbed! They were about to fight. Wobbufet Warrier cut off it's chompers but Wobbufet got hurt. he stabbed the thing and it destroyed it. He got it out after a while.