Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wobbufet Warrior Episode 8

Then, the Ghostly Wolf came and started to command the oweasises to attack Wobufet Warrior and co.Then people from earth came out and started to attack.Oiamas came out and comanded the oweasises to bring the cannons.They had the technoligy of the humans.The humans cried"Reatreat!"Then they hatched an idea.Their idea was to bring artilery.So when they they found a tank.They started to battle.The artilery missed but it hit a wall.The evil's dwelling place was behind it.

So Wobbufet Warrior went to the castle.On the way, there was something running to them.Now Wobbufet Warrior had a little brother!But how did he get across the war?He said "I got across by dodging all the weapens".Wobbufet Warrior said "Well,Drace is the last resort".

Then, they found Drace's castle and the drawbridge was wide open as if they were expected!They went in, and herd"Not so fast!"Then Wobbufet Warrior looked and so did his companions.Then some guy dropped from the ceiling and on him were the letters:M and M.It was now Mysterios Man. MM stabbed Wobbufet Warrier in the back but they managed to get away.

They got in Drace's room. All three partners failed to kill him but then the Sorry Shadow came with the last power coin and the two Wobbufet Warrior came up to it and Drace's domination circle went to the 3 power coins and made the sonic blade! The blade slashed Drace and killed him! After that the Sorry Shadow remembered that it killed Wobufet Warrior's mother and turned into stone! Right after that Wobbufet Warrior wound just healed like (snap!) that! when he went home his scar disapeared and everybody lived happily ever after!


Friday, May 6, 2011

The Nile Garden

We (Mom and Emperor) planted 3 kinds of seeds in the Model of Egypt. Do you see the grass? That grew in a week! The water in the tin foil is the Nile River. The thing in the top-left corner is a pyramid. The farmers are lego men. Every week we flood it, but in real life it flooded every year.