Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wobbufet Warrior Episode 4

And that person was the Sorry Shadow.Mumonly came and grabbed the Sorry Shadow inside it! Mumonly walked away.It went to Drace.They walked away with disappointment.But,the Sorry Shadow was bacicly an experiment for the mysterios machine!But Unipy(Ue-n-i-p-ee)saved him.It was a sacrifice though.Unipy lost it's logn beak.Unipy is kind of like a vulture.But now Mumonly was sent to get Wobbufet Warrior.But Mumonly could not even find them.The Ghostly Wolf after that captured one of Wobbufet Warriors' partners.Then Wobbufet Warrior and his other partner thought that that partner is dead.And they walked on.Unipy told them that that partner is not dead.They were releived to hear that.When they met up,they didn't know who was who!Wobbufet Warrior said,you can replace my lost one.Then that partner realized what had happened.But that partner kept it for him to Remember.Unipy told Wobbuffet Warrior about it but he did not beleive Unipy.And then a brown flash destroyed Unipy.It all came clear that Unipy was sent to destroy them.


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