Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wobbufet Warrior Episode 7

Just now when Drace was about to attack Wobbufet Warrior,the Sorry Shadow and the Ghostly Wolf were now keeping him back!Then Opeeghis(O-p-ee-g-is)the dragon that was resting in the priseemy world,came out.And there was a rumor that Vonson(V-on-soon)and Opeeghis are enemies.And now Wobbufet Warrior found another power coin!Vonson was locked for he would destroy the priseemy world.Now The Sorry Shadow was fighting Vonson in his locked room!Who will win?Opeeghis and Sickrona(Sick-r-o-na)were Entering the code:356841910.They joined the battle.While Vonson was battling he remembered his story.His story went like this:He was in Opinegis when he woke up,because he was a boy on the planet Earth.He tried to stop with his power,but Drace locked him up.But in the prison one day he found a peice of paper.And the paper said:Dont worry,I ??? will get you out.And then he saw somthing teleport two things to somewere!Drace covered the roof then.And it was because he was looking out of the roof.Then he kept battling them.But then a blast came from Drace's place!Another boy from earth was zapped into Drace's place.Opinesis was not there though.Oiamios and Usgaligis were fighting.Vonson won the battle against the Sorry Shadow,Sickrona,and Opeeghis.Oiamas was the winner against Usgaligis.Drace sucked all the fighters in,they were planning the second to last battle.

Wobbufet Warrior Episode 6

Wobbufet Warrior somehow managed to get to the priseemy world.In the priseemy world there were cube shape things flying around.It was a huge maze.He finely made it to Usgaligis and Urertumeeinomis.Suddenly the power coin of strength came out Wobbufet Warriors' belt and flashed a brown flash and Usgaligis was now fighting Wobbufet Warrior!Then Usgaligis went out.Urertumeeinomis then just melted!Wobbufet Warrior got out,and when he did,he found Usgaligis and Oiamas fighting!Drace now was fighting them.Then Mumonly started battling.It was just going crazy.Why did it have to be so?I desired to destroy Opinesis.He was heading towards Opinesis.Until 25 oweasises went in front of them.Wobbufet Warrior and his partners jumped over them and destroyed Opinesis.Then Drace said I shall kill you.I swear it. The End

Wobbufet Warrior Episode 5

Drace exited the place and to his suprise,he found the Sorry Shadow outside!They battled so fiercely,that when a oweasis(uh-w-ea-s-is),went in the middle it died!50 oweasises were sent after Wobbufet Warrior!Then a oweasis went through Opinesis(Op-in-ee-sis)(the Mysterious Machine)!It became a Leyrasryck(Lay-ra-sr-ie-ck).The Sorry Shadow got smacked by Drace's scorpion tail!Then the Sorry Shadow vanished.Then the Ghostly Wolf fought Race!Then the Ghostly Wolf slashed Drace.Drace went away,and when he was out of sight he would say,I am not defeated yet.Mumonly saw the "real" Unipy.Unipy now was fighting Mumonly.Why is the Question.But Usgaligis(U-s-g-u-l-i-g-is)and Oiamas(o-ee-om-us)came Oiamas shot something on the Ground Urertumeeominomis(Er-er-tum-ee-om-in-om)apeared!Usgaligis,Oiamas,and Urertumeeinomis fought Wobbufet Warrior,and his partners.Mumonly killed the "real" Unipy.The Sorry Shadow saw the Leyrasryck and the Oweasises.Oiamas said,I shall rule alone.And then Urertumeeinomis and Usgaligis vanished into the priseemy(pr-i-z-ee-m-ee) world!Wobbufet Warrior knew,even though they are evil,get them out of the priseemy world.


Wobbufet Warrior Episode 4

And that person was the Sorry Shadow.Mumonly came and grabbed the Sorry Shadow inside it! Mumonly walked away.It went to Drace.They walked away with disappointment.But,the Sorry Shadow was bacicly an experiment for the mysterios machine!But Unipy(Ue-n-i-p-ee)saved him.It was a sacrifice though.Unipy lost it's logn beak.Unipy is kind of like a vulture.But now Mumonly was sent to get Wobbufet Warrior.But Mumonly could not even find them.The Ghostly Wolf after that captured one of Wobbufet Warriors' partners.Then Wobbufet Warrior and his other partner thought that that partner is dead.And they walked on.Unipy told them that that partner is not dead.They were releived to hear that.When they met up,they didn't know who was who!Wobbufet Warrior said,you can replace my lost one.Then that partner realized what had happened.But that partner kept it for him to Remember.Unipy told Wobbuffet Warrior about it but he did not beleive Unipy.And then a brown flash destroyed Unipy.It all came clear that Unipy was sent to destroy them.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Summer

Summer is fun. I caught fireflies one day.We are doing home school.We are doing full days now.I like to play with my cuddly,cuddly Torchic.Torchic is a Pokemon.I love to make things for her.I make houses for her out of blocks and Tinkertoys to be exact. I also like to play with Ampinman and Bikenman that were made in Japan.And Girwy and Woodgie are fun to play with.I love Summer.