Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emperor's Spelling Wordzzle

Emperor wrote this Wordzzle with his spelling words. He was told to make the story center around a little boy named "Timmy" and use as many of his spelling words as he could. I've spaced between paragraphs and added quotation marks and bolded words, but otherwise this post is exactly as he wrote it. He would be finishing first grade if he attended school, and he is seven years old. Thanks for reading!

Timmy made travels in the nation.

"Let's go to the station," said Pa.

Mom asked, "Where's the location?"

"Were are we going for our vacation?" timmy asked. "You need your salvation because going to be scary. I'll try to be a soft sensation.

"When I wright a PaPer when dO I use quatations?" asked Timmy's sister.

"I have a starvation," said dad. "I'll cook dinner. I'm glad are foundation is the rock."

Timy tried to go in slow motion.

"Is today Sunday?" asked Mother.

"It's Monday," sister Said.

"on Wednsday it's my birthday," Timmy said.

"I thought it was tuesday," Mom said. "Timmy when will it be Friday."

"After thursday."

"I like Saturday," siad dad. "I thought I heard a sound of barking."

"When willl I learn to spell injection Mom?"

"I don't knew."

"Wher's my heart dad?"

"I can't answer any more I'm fixing dinner."

Mom said, "I'll look in section 13 for bread."

Timmy said, "I whan't to make an invention. did I mention that it will Probably not work. It will take action. Hey what fraction do you whant from mY pie. What is this called?"

"a subtraction sighn did I answer your question? timmy I have an instruction for you buy the bread ok."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Bugs

This paper is about my favorite bugs. Black widows and ants are alike but also different in some ways.

An ant and a black widow are black and they both have hairs. Ants are thieves and take your food, and black widows are also sneaky.

Ants are food wanting and bugging. Black widows bite. Ants have antennae and six legs, but the black widows have eight legs. My favorite bug is the black widow.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

John the Baptist

An angel told Zechariah that he would have a baby named John. Zechariah couldn't talk till John was born because he didn't believe the angel. Zechariah could not tell the people what was happening.

John leaped in Elisabeth's womb when Mary came over.

John baptized Jesus in the water. John ate locusts and honey. He preached about the Holy Ghost. He died when his head was cut off. John was prophesied about in the Old Testament. John was the greatest prophet ever. John baptized Jesus Christ. John died when his head was cut off. He died for his savior, the Messiah.