Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ancient Egypt

In tombs there are valuable treasures. There are mummies, gold, silver, and lots more. Tomb robbers try to steal the valuble treasures in the tombs.  People made hidden tombs, fake passagways, false entrances, and guards to keep the treasure safe but tomb robbers found them all.

Tomb robbers steal as much as their bags can carry. Some get and get beaten or killed. But that never stopped anyone. But one thing they could not steal in each tomb was a wall painting.

The wall painting had servants on it. The Egyptians believed that in the afterlife, they would come to life and get to work. There were players on the walls, too. The Egyptians believed that in the afterlife they would come to life and play for the dead man. Tomb robbers, I am sure, are very disappointed that they can't steal it. Wall paintings must be beautiful. Wall paintings probably have hundreds of servants and players.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We start a new year on July 1st.  We study many subjects.  For reading,I read The Hobbit, and Elf reads The Lord of the Rings.  We  social studies, math, typing, chemistry and English.  I like to read.  We aren't getting as much school done as we can.