Thursday, October 23, 2008

Super Runing Fox and the lieing Snake.

One day super running fox whoke up still sleepy because of his dream he had about a sheep about to eat a woman who was pregnet and only 70 years old and someone killed the sheep who was the pregnet woman's husband and fox whoke up because he thought it was one of the scariest thoughs he had ever thought from his amagination so he ate sheep and thought that the shepherd wouldn't mind because he has plenty of sheep left and super runing fox ate breakfast and then slipped on somthing round and was unedible and he examined the object and it slithered away.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Battle

The Battle

One day Anpanman went in a cave then he saw a palace far away in the distence. Meanwhile, two army men were ploting to destroy Anpanman with their plan. Then two men were saying to Anpanman cookies for sail come and get your yummy speicle (special) ninty three cookies to be exact.

So Anpanman came out but much to Anpanman's surpris they led him all the way to the kingdom that he saw when he was traviling somewhere. So he was about to eat one cookie but Baikinman reskude (rescued) him so Anpanman ran away as fast as he could. So a sword fifty swords droped from the cileen (ceiling) then one hit Anpanman so Baikinman led him to the doctor. Baikinman felt draging him down what is it asked Anpanman.

It's it's sinking sand, answered Baikinman still scared that he wanted to yell but the armyman was after them still so the only thing they can do was fight then when Anpanman looked at Baikinman he was gone. So Anpanman while he was going out of the palace he grabed a sword so he held it out and said see this. It is a sword to fight. Then a big teen was heard because they were battling.

SO Baikinman showed up then Baikinman had a sword, too so they both foght together vilently so one armyman sank by the sinking sand then a gunshot almost hit Baikinman.

A car vroomed right in front of the battle and the one army man was watching the car so while he was whatching it ampanman hit the army man so king Ferotae was furious.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Funny-Looking Picture.

Hand Soccer

Hand soccer is a fantastic game to play. You need a ball and a nice big area. Say, "Ready, set, go." Run toward the ball. Both players try to get the ball into the other player's goal. They try to steal the ball from each other. Use your hands to make goals. The person who gets five goals wins.