Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wobbufet Warrior Episode 5

Drace exited the place and to his suprise,he found the Sorry Shadow outside!They battled so fiercely,that when a oweasis(uh-w-ea-s-is),went in the middle it died!50 oweasises were sent after Wobbufet Warrior!Then a oweasis went through Opinesis(Op-in-ee-sis)(the Mysterious Machine)!It became a Leyrasryck(Lay-ra-sr-ie-ck).The Sorry Shadow got smacked by Drace's scorpion tail!Then the Sorry Shadow vanished.Then the Ghostly Wolf fought Race!Then the Ghostly Wolf slashed Drace.Drace went away,and when he was out of sight he would say,I am not defeated yet.Mumonly saw the "real" Unipy.Unipy now was fighting Mumonly.Why is the Question.But Usgaligis(U-s-g-u-l-i-g-is)and Oiamas(o-ee-om-us)came Oiamas shot something on the Ground Urertumeeominomis(Er-er-tum-ee-om-in-om)apeared!Usgaligis,Oiamas,and Urertumeeinomis fought Wobbufet Warrior,and his partners.Mumonly killed the "real" Unipy.The Sorry Shadow saw the Leyrasryck and the Oweasises.Oiamas said,I shall rule alone.And then Urertumeeinomis and Usgaligis vanished into the priseemy(pr-i-z-ee-m-ee) world!Wobbufet Warrior knew,even though they are evil,get them out of the priseemy world.


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