Monday, November 29, 2010

We Should Watch Star Trek After School

We should watch an episode of Star Trek after school because they're good stories. They have action, machine guns, and these kind of space guns. Almost always the captain is endangered.  Plus, space, the only last place to be explored, and undiscovered  planets are in Star Trek, the best story about space.  And I think it's exciting, great, fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, life-changing, egad, marvellous, and an excellent movie.  There are tons of options to pick from, like "Mirror, Mirror," a one where the captain goes in a parallel universe.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beloka Myths

Why Hail Happens

Hail happens because of Beloka (Bee-low-cka).  Beloka is a snowman with armor with electricity on his armor.  Beloka goes to Pluto every year to get some ice. 

He sometimes has ice fights with God, but of course, Beloka wound up losing every single time.  But why would Beloka lose 235 games, and Jesus won all of those times.  Beloka not only just throws down the ice, he puts it on a trap-door.  and then he pushes the button, and that opens the trap-door, and that makes the ice come down.  and we call it "hail."

Beloka and Zeus

Beloka had a very sad time once.  It started by Zeus opening a restaurant, he called it "Y and Y" which means Yummies and Yuckies.  In his bags of food he put chocolate and rotten apple bits.  $2.50 per bag. 

Only Neptune came.

Then Beloka couldn't stand it any longer.  He bought some and rushed away.  Then, Beloka said to himself, "Hey, I want to get Zeus out of bussiness then I could show who is boss."  He put some thought into it and so he tried.  He went toward the place and destroyed it!

Zeus was mad!  He threw a bunch of thunder bolts at him.  But he kept hitting the ruins of his restaurant and it went on fire!  and now we call that place "Hell."