Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wobbufet Warrior

In this third Epesode,It begins that there is a celabration.And then out of nowhere came the Ghostly Wolf!And it stole the power coin!It gave it to Drace (D-r-ae-ck-ee).But the Sorry Shadow stole from Draces' scorpion tail.And that was very suprising.It left it with Wobbuffet Warrior.Then Wobbufet Warriors' partners looked for the person who gave the power coin back.They saw the Ghostly Wolf again,but this time,they fled.And now they found Mumonly,the anceint mummy.It opened and and threw Wobbufet Warrior in the forest with its' bandages.That is what the blue monster became.Drace was remembering how it became this monster. It was a scorpion until,a lion a robot a I were put in a mysterious machine.And it came out to be what I am like right now.But now with Wobbufet Warrior.He just saw a funny looking beaver,maybe it was put in the machine too!It rode me out but right before he stepped out,he saw Mumonly!Mumonly brought him to Drace would have killed Wobbufet Warrior if only he didn't get away.After that close call,he met his partners again.And they found the person who gave the power coin back.

The Kitty House

Hello Kitty as you see here,has it's very own home.The bigger one I had to sow.And I love my Hello Kitties.I love Hellow Kitties.