Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Storm

In our reading of The Odyssey, we find the gods very angry with the crew on its way home to Ithaca. The gods just got SO mad that all of Odysseus's men have been caught in a storm and thrown overboard to their deaths, leaving Odysseus alone. Emperor was asked to write what he thinks will happen next in the story. He knows that the prophet Tiresias has predicted that Odysseus would find trouble at home, but otherwise he is guessing. Mom has typed *most* of it exactly as it was written, except for breaking it into smaller paragraphs (it was all one LONG paragraph before. We're learning about paragraphs just this week). If Emperor were in public school, he would begin his first grade year in another month.

Odysseus rows to home. On his way Zeus throws more thunder bolts at Odysseus. Odysseus aviades them. Worldpools where coming. He went closer and closer to the middle he rowed where one thunder bolt got good ame (aim) and olmost hit Odysseus. Odysseus drives the boat left then up. Never knowing the way home.

Strong wind filed the sky. The black boat saled away as fast as posible. He prayed to the Gods saying my corege (courage) is runing out please stop this storm A-men.

The storm still was going on with rain and thunder bolts. The tarible storm was to strong for Odysseus. Suddenly rumples roked the ship back and forth. again he prayed oh mighty Gods why are you doing this? my men is dead and I am still punished. Why why? tell me. No answer he herd. He thought a minite my men are dead. what can do about it.

Then He herd an answer the answer was you are in trouble with us. The storm stopt. He fell asleep. Zeus throw a thunder bolt just to wake him up.

Zeus said go home Odysseus. Finally He got home.

Trouble went on. kid throwing toys People triping on toys. All kinds of things. Everything going wrong in the house. No other thing than trouble was going on. next time when it was time to eat they wern't careful and the plates fell an broke.

Stormy rain, thunder was going on. trouble trouble trouble washing the dishes dirt came out instead of water. The plates only got dirtyer or filthyer.

They cried and wept to the Gods saying we arn't filled with joy we are filed with stres. The Gods know that they have been mean. They don't have an idea to do about it. They throw their water and said wash your hands. It made fireworks the Gods fell asleep.


frogpondsrock said...

Gosh it really sounds like there was a lot of trouble happening when Odysseus got home..

Zimms Zoo said...

Wow I am impressed. I have never made it through the whole story. I enjoyed reading this!

Tracey said...

Thank you for giving me a version of The Odyssey that I can understand. I have to admit, I have never read it! You are doing a great job on your blog.