Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am a Jedi.

I am a Jedi in star wars. The great Jedi may swin doo (subdue) the strong man. Will you fight me? No body goes against me. I shall grant evil wishes in Death Star. For the evil stops good.


Mrs. C said...

Dear Emperor,

You need to be a nice Jedi or Mommy will take away the light saber and make you put the Death Star away.


Anonymous said...


-- Darth Maul

Casdok said...

Oh great and mighty Jedi you do indeed look too strong to fight so i will just tickle you!

Maddy said...

I could probably manage a pokemon battle but I'd need to learn a bit more about Jedi first. I do have one of those lazer things though - what are they called again?

Tracey said...

That's a great Light Sabre! I think good will overcome though.