Saturday, July 5, 2008

Meet Jefferson

He drinks coffee sometimes but he has floppy ears like every bunny. He is nothing like Teletubbies. He has never written with a quill pen but probably when he does, he would not write as well as John Hancock.


Mrs. C said...

Hi, Emperor!

I'm glad I don't have a quill pen and ink for Jefferson to use. I have a feeling that he would make quite a mess. He already has orange marker on his tummy, and that doesn't wash out very well. I hope other people leave you comments, too.


Mrs. C said...

Why,Jefferson must be important, is he now? Is he a Teletubbies, or is not a Teletubbie? Oh! And 1 more queston. Did he live through old days?


Casdok said...

Nice to meet you Jefferson!!

A very smart looking blog you have here!!

Tracey said...

Hi Emperor! My name is Tracey, and I found your blog by reading your mums. I like the look of Jefferson. And I think you look really jaunty in your photo. Ask mum what jaunty means. I hope you have lots of fun with your blog.

Chris H said...

Hi Emperor, it's Chris H here from New Zealand! I think Jefferson is adorable, every boy should have a special friend like him. I am surprised you love coffee, it is a very 'grown up' drink! And as for loving your mummy, well I do too! She is lovely .... I am sending the Flat Stanleys on to another home soon as they are getting weary of being in my handbag! Funny eh? Right better get to bed, hope you are having a lovely day.