Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sam's Story

Sam was on a sofa when there was a terrible scream. Then Sam dashed to the room and saw there was nothing wrong. Sitting there were 5 babies next to Rosy (Sams wife.) Then he said "well I never"!

Then he started to pace around the room and then he named two Mary and Pippen,two he named Frodo and Sam, and the last,he dicided to name the last Bilbo just like Frodo had prophisied In the end of The Lord of The Rings.

Rosy had a terrible stab. That whole day Sam was occupied. Rosy was slicing tomatos when the knife accedentilly went right through the table and cut her leg. Her leg needed speical care. Then Sam saw the tomatoes and brought them to Rosy.Then Rosy got up and..."Look" Rosy said (but half screaming.) There lay Sauron's finger. "Ew!?" Exclaimed Sam. So he kept it in a box to remember the war for the ring of power. When his kids were 15 years old, they went out every day. But,one day they didn't come back. Sam waited and waited but they did not come back. Eventually they came back and Sam asked "What took you guys so long"? Soon beside them were Legolas and Gimlee,who went away a long time ago! "May we have your book asked Legolos?" "Yes" replied Sam.


Luke said...

I like how you bring the characters into your story... even Sauron's finger [smile]. Keep up the good work!


justGeorge said...

I'll bet Sam got really mad at Rosy for ruining the tomatoes...