Friday, September 24, 2010

The Paper I Was Forced to Write

Math education is important. It is important because you can count you can count your money. And you can buy things properly. And you can just use a calculator. Math is great (sarcastically) yipee. You can pay your bills. You can pay your taxes. You can pay your electric bill. You can pay you water bill. And you can buy a house. 

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Luke said...

Learning Math is essential if you want to be financially successful. In India--where many people do not have the opportunity to learn Math--they don't know if the shop owner gives them the correct change (the shop owners normally do not), they don't know what a good price is for food, and when they borrow money the lenders rip them off so much that often the people end up being forced to give everything they have for their entire life to the lenders.

Learning Math can be challenging and difficult--not to mention frustrating--but it will put you on the path to being able to handle your own finances later in life as well as design things and stuff.

Hang in there, and keep working at it!