Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wobbufet Warrior

Wobbufet Warrior saw the Sorry Shadow a very important character.It is the shadow of the wolf but now he is called the Ghostly Wolf.They both had power coins.The Ghostly wolf had the one of joy.The Sorry Shadow has the one of Hope. The blue monster In Episode 1 went through a mysterious machine. And was turned in to somthing that will be mentioned later.The Ghostly Wolf almost killed Wobbufet Warrior.In the horizon he could see his partners running away from the sorry shadow!Wobbufet pointed his sword at the Sorry Shadow and said,Would you like to die or stop.The Sorry Shadow said,Id rather vanish.And it vanished.And they travled in a cave. He found a power coin.It was the one of strength.They still need the donomanation circle and the other two power coins to make the Sonic Blade.He dicided to have a celabration.But little did he know it would be ruined.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting! Go on! Go on!

Mr. X