Thursday, April 15, 2010

The House of the Sixty Fathers by Meindert DeJong

This book is exciting in the end. And if you want a happy book, put it down. Tien Pao takes an American airman across the river and gets yen. And when he comes back...

His mom is very very ANGRY! But once he showed the yen she was relieved. She said we will buy tobacco and rice.They leave him and they trusted him. But soon after, the river took him away. After he got water buffalo mad. He ate all his rice. He also had a pig but, he threw his ducklings away. He ate leaves for a while.

He also hid in time he got to a high cliff and saw a battle scene. He saw the airman. He got away from the Japenese.

He saw the airman again. He gave him chocolate. Later he saw a gorilla. He got to a barrack. Will he find his mom?

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Kerrie McLoughlin said...

what a great idea for you to have a blog! this is really cool and makes me wish we had the internet at our house so my boys could do this! keep up the good work, and tell your mom hi!
kerrie in op