Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Unicorn That Was Hid for One Thousand Centuries

The story begins with a family. The family has two giggling girls and three boys and a wife and nothing else. But the mail today was unusual. It said my girl horse ran away yesterday. But the rest was gone and so was who was it from. So one of the boys stepped in the girls room and ruined their game of checkers. And one of the girls said you ruined it totally. So the boy told them what came in the mail. And the other girl said oh i was hoping my sweetie was trying to get in touch with me. Thats what she said sadly. So the boys asked mom if they could get a ride and their mom said yes. One time a man said yes to their question. So they asked him what direction it went and he said west. But the boys did not know which way was east and which one is west. They tried to ask him but he kept on intorruppted and saying no further information. And everyone remembered about the girls and the boys split up to find the horse. And men with guns came to follow the boy going to the west and suddenly a rumble came from a cave nearby and the armed men went in and got flung out and i figured out that they are not a mythe there are such a thing as unicorns. So we got back home and we told them about their trip mom didn't beleive us about the unicorn but the girls did.

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