Friday, June 22, 2012

Wealthy "Hobbit" Characters

All the characters in "The Hobbit" have different opinions of the greatness of wealth.  Gandalf doesn't think high on the matter, but if he deserves it and he doesn't get any, then he'll mention it.  Bilbo probably wouldn't go on an epic adventure for wealth, would he?  Bilbo would probably like to stay in his hobbit hole and eat toast, butter, eggs,  and bacon with his tea just boiling!  Thorin Oakansheild doesn't care about wealth, he just wants it for his people.  The Wood Elf Kingdom wants more money because the king wants more money.  Smaug loves wealth.  Smaug will go WAY out of his way to get treasure.  He's really not that smart because he can't even buy anything at all.  He doesn't even have to pay on his morgage!  They realy all have different opinions about money!


Luke Holzmann said...

If I didn't need money to pay for toast, butter, eggs and tea (and my computers/cameras/internet), I'd rather stay home myself [smile]. Nice write-up!


Julie said...

But the Sackville-Bagginses were greedy. They tried to move into Bag End when Bilbo went on his adventure. They were envious of Frodo as he was set to inherit Bilbo's fortune. The were so obnoxious that Frodo and Bilbo ignored, hid from and avoided them like they had a disease!